Where food is a way into the environment, health, politics, culture and more. We meet guests who help join the dots between the joy of food and its impact, at a time when the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse gather pace and questions about what we will eat, how and who produces it and how to inspire a better way of living for the benefit of people and planet become evermore crucial.


The Wicked Leeks Podcast

Felicity Cloake on breakfasts and British food culture

Food writer and columnist Felicity Cloake tells Nina Pullman what she found (and ate!) when cycling around the country sampling regional breakfast specialities, and why our links with local food can boost our sense of belonging and local economies.

Simon Fairlie and Guy Singh-Watson on activism, food and farming

Two farming revolutionaries, along with presenter Nina Pullman, discuss why activism is important, what it means to different people and what it can achieve. Recorded live at The Riverford Field Kitchen, food was front of mind, as was the scale of farms, and their careers in alternative farming, activism, protest and challenging the status quo.

Ixta Belfrage on inspiration, flavour and favourite ingredients.

We speak to chef Ixta Belfrage on the launch of her new book Mezcla, how she navigates food inspiration from other cultures and deep dives into chilli varieties and sustainable palm oil.

Melissa Hemsley on food, mental health, and the power of eating together

Recorded live at The Riverford Field Kitchen, we hear from food writer and cook Melissa Hemsley on food’s connection to mental health, how she got through the pandemic and the power of eating together.

Poppy Okotcha on wellbeing and the wonders of gardens

Recorded live at The Riverford Field Kitchen, we meet former model turned ecological grower Poppy Okotcha for an inspiring journey through her background, understanding of permaculture principles and compelling connections between personal wellbeing, soil health and cultural change. A visual and articulate story-teller, Poppy’s tales of her own gardens never fail to inspire and her discussion of how growing can be a peaceful, radical space for change could serve as a blueprint for a much wider social transformation.

Presented by
Nina Pullman