This is a podcast about food and the role it plays in our sense of self, our sense of place and our sense of taste. All of our guests have made the UK their home. Each of their sharing plates connect them to “their country”, their people and their own special memories.  You’re invited to join us, as our guests, share plates, recipes and stories. You’ll hear how refugees are just like you and me, and have their own hopes and dreams.This is a foodie’s journey that transcends generations and nation


Sharing Plate

George's (Mum's) Bumper Crop

This is as much a trip down memory lane for George as it is a love letter to his Mum. Each of his dishes is connected to her, from childhood chopping to chatting  over wine in adulthood. 

There's so much more than 5 dishes in this Sharing Plate, including an unhealthy side order of NYC Hot Dogs coated in mustard and cheese, just don't tell George's Mum.  

George will never chop and chat in his Mum's kitchen again, but food transports him back there every day. Thank you for Sharing Plates with us George, and for being here.

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.

Shelly's Sizzling Odyssey

Foodie Shelly cooks up a storm in his East London kitchen, treating Lara to dishes from India, Turkey, the Caribbean and Nepal. The stories that accompany his Sharing Plate are as diverse as the dishes themselves. Shelly, we thank you for launching the series, for your openness, vulnerability and for trusting us.

Special thanks to Mummy Pat for her contribution, to both the podcast and for being Shelly's second mum.

This is the first Sharing Plate podcast we recorded. Until Shelly opened his door to us, it was just an idea, based on a belief that food connects us to memories, to people and places. Following an afternoon in Shell's kitchen, that belief is an absolute certainty.

Please be advised, there are references to domestic violence in this podcast.

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.

Saoud's Hot Tomatoes

It's as much a surprise to Saoud that he's preparing a meal, as it is to Lara. He's not a natural in the kitchen, but his Mum is always on hand to remotely guide him through the tricky world of recipes and cooking. 

Whilst Saoud genuinely needs his mum's help, he also uses his ineptitude in the kitchen to stay connected to his loved ones via daily cooking classes/calls for help. 

Thank you for being here Saoud and for sharing your story. 

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.

Helen + Venita Spice It Up

There is a lot of laughter in this podcast, sometimes at the most inappropriate moments. Aside from their chosen dishes, Lara learns a lot from her guests, mother Helen and daughter Venita, including where to find the tastiest football sized avocados in London, the perfect dish for encouraging children to eat spices and how long it really takes to cook a meal in Africa. Clue: "slowly, slowly, slowly".

This Sharing Plate is inspired by our guests' experiences in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, the USA and the UK. 

Please be advised that there are references to life under military rule in this podcast.

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.

Season 1 Taster

Sharing Plate is being served on Monday 28th August, here's a taste of what's to come. Everyone's invited, please join us.

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.

Mehrv's Turmeric Tongue Twister

Join Mehraveh and Lara in this turmeric-tastic episode. Turmeric is a staple ingredient of Iranian food and is deeply rooted in Merhv's memories of family. It's no surprise then, that it features in every one of her dishes in this Sharing Plate.

This podcast was recorded when Mehrv was 17 years old, a year after she moved to London.

Thank you for being here Mehrv and for sharing plates with us.

Sharing Plate is a Watts Where Media production.