Rodger Wasson, legendary voice of American food and farming, invites us to his virtual table where he talks to experts around the world about everything from food production and cooking to soil and the future of the planet


Farm to Table Talk

Smart Label Down Under – Paul Ryan and Rob Mackenzie

Food fraud and political tensions have heavily impacted Australian farmers exporting products to international markets. Traceability and provenance are essential to fighting food fraud and opening new export markets for farmers, producers, processors and consumers who deserve to know they’re getting exactly what they purchased. Fourth generation Black Angus beef farmer, Rob Mackenzie, has been getting his hands dirty, working to strengthen Australia’s supply-chain visibility by implementing Aglive’s paddock-to-plate platform. Paul Ryan the Managing Director of AgLive and Rob Mackenzie join Farm To Table Talk to explain how new technology fights food fraud with stories in smart labels that traces provenance and production practices from the table back to the farm.

Smart People, Bad Choices – Jack Bobo

Consumers have never known more about nutrition and yet, have never been more overweight. For most Americans, maintaining a balanced diet is more difficult than doing their taxes. What are we doing wrong? Jack Bobo has been engaged with the food system from farm to table and is the author of a new book "Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices". He is a food psychology expert with over 20 years advising four U. S. Secretaries of State on food and agriculture. In his book and here on Farm to Table Talk he guides us to smarter food choices and improving our quality of life.

Climate: Cows or Cars? – Frank Mitloehner, UCDavis

Will eating less meat save the planet? Some say so but science says no. of course if you're looking for a reason to eat less meat and tell others to do the same, climate change seems to add to your case. However, if you're looking to make real impact on the climate, transportation and construction are still much more important than agriculture. Dr. Frank Moetloehner, Director of the Clear Center at UC Davis is the most quoted expert on these issues in the world. He shares with us the true story of the effects of livestock production, including that some countries are doing a better job than others. With the adaptation of new technologies, California dairy farmers have reduced methane emissions by 25%.. On You Tube videos and in Frank's presentations you we see him hold up an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper to represent the entire surface of the Earth; then a business card that represents the area where agriculture is possible with 2/3 of that card only fit for grazing livestock. It is an important story that Frank tells us.

Social Science and Special Interests – Silvia Secchi

What does Social Science have to do with our food system? Professor Silvia Secchi a Social Scientist at the Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa believes it has a key role to play as is clear by her favorite quote from T. W Shultz, "It is especially the social sciences -economics, sociology and political science -which, if prosecuted with vigor reveal answers which are unpalatable to special interests." Today that vigorous prosecution can address issues facing women farmers, polluted waters, barriers to entry and misdirected carbon credits strategies. Professor Secchi highlights the issues and ways to constructively engage in the dialogues that can lead to positive change.

Bucket List Dining – Chef Dneb Williams

In our ideal world the best farming finds its way to the best restaurants. One of those journeys leads to Allora in Sacramento where the best things in life belong together, food and wine. Allora is the dream of a sommelier and a chef; husband and wife. Two partners who love Sacramento and are infatuated with Italy. Featuring over 250 wines, fresh pasta made daily, and a commitment to sustainable seafood, Allora is the best of where they are from, of what they have experienced, and what is yet to come. Chef and Partner Dneb Williams describes Allora as a wine-centric gathering place that celebrates modern Italian food and the Sacramento areas bounty. Chef Dneb share the journey to source sustainable, artisanal food and wine locally and in Italy. www.

Farmers Market On Wheels – Sara Bernal

If food insecure populations can't make it to food markets, bring it to them. With this idea and a grant from the California Department of Agriculture for a Farmers Market Food Truck, this is a dream come true in West Sacramento. Sara Bernal is the program manager for the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program and now with a vehicle the size of a traditional U Haul moving truck low income communities are able to shop for farm fresh foods in their own neighborhoods. “With the seniors particularly but also these affordable housing complexes with families, it can be exceedingly hard if you don’t have a car to get groceries,” Bernal said. “So the whole purpose of the truck is to get produce to people where they live in the easiest way possible and then to make it affordable.” Sarah Bernal and Rodger Wasson visit in the parking lot of a low income housing community while customers bring their Cal Fresh/SNAP EBT cards for discounted purchases of healthy foods.

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