Bread & Butter with Caroline Kenyon. Caroline and her guests make sense of the world through food, from politics to farming, making and cooking. Produced by FoodFM @foodfmradio.


Bread & Butter

Funds & the Future of Food

If you are feeling January blues, this will cheer you up! Listen up to the might of investment funds making change happen in the food system. @kenyonawards talks to Sophie Lawrence of Rathbone Greenbank about her £5trillion-worth consortium with the National Food Strategy in its sights.

Festive Italian Feasting

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, learns about Italian Christmas with Olivia Vachon, Eataly's PR and Events Manager and the Italian way of celebrating this time of year. Good wishes to all / Auguri a tutti!

Winning Women

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, explores the story behind the image which won global acclaim in the first-ever Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2021. She talks to Jussi Brofeldt, Claire Aho’s son, and Chair, AHO & SOLDAN Foundation; Marina Spironetti, winner of the Award and Martina Bartolozzi, the woman in the winning portrait.

The Claire Aho Award - in memory of Claire Aho, Finland’s greatest woman photographer - is a new award Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year, which celebrated its 10th anniversary early this year and recently exhibited the winning photographers at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol. For more details, please see - entries open until February 2022.

Nuts about food

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, explores the world of peanuts and coconuts with James Averdieck, Founder of Coconut Collaborative and Jamie Hirsh of ManiLife. We hear about their brands and their fan following.

A Slice of the Action

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon talks to Dr Nathan Myhrvold about his latest magisterial work, Modernist Pizza, which takes us through history and round the world via this universally-loved food

A Question of Taste

Caroline Kenyon explores the sense of taste with Tim D'Offay of Postcard Teas, Sarah Knowles, Master of Wine, The Wine Society, Charles Spence, experimental psychologist, Oxford University, Ed Templeton, co-founder, Carousel

Food Academies

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, speaks to Mary Quicke, Founder of the Cheese Academy and Quicke’s Cheese; and also Rupert Ponsonby, Founder of the Beer Academy.

Food on subscription

Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, speaks to Omar Meziane, Founder of performance-based nutrition company, Tweakd; and also Emily Caron, Founder of Good In Bread, an artisan bread subscription company delivering to the doorsteps of London.

Cooking for 2 & Cooking for 200

The first episode of Bread and Butter explores cooking for different numbers. Co-Founder of FoodFM, Caroline Kenyon, speaks to Orlando Murrin, distinguished food writer, president of the Guild of Food Writers and author of Two's Company; and also Rachel Green, Lincolnshire celebrity chef, TV star and distinguished caterer, having cooked for tea for the Queen for 800.

In Conversation with the Food Foundation

Caroline Kenyon talks to Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation, about its important work and the challenges it faces.