Join Jenny Linford, acclaimed food writer, as she talks to cheesemakers around the world!


A Slice of Cheese

The Quest for Queso
Jenny Linford explores the rich, varied world of Spanish cheeses. She talks to Rupert Linton of noted Spanish food importers Brindisa and Maria Jose Sevilla, Spanish food writer and broadcaster. and learns that there is much more than Manchego to enjoy . . .
Ewe and Me
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, explores the wonderful world of sheep's cheese with Stephen Fletcher, Ram Hall Dairy, Anne Wigmore, Village Maid, Selina Cairns, Errington Cheese, Ben Harris, Ticklemore Cheese, Stefano Valebona, Valebona
The Seven Ages of Cheese
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, finds out about the rich history of British cheese. Jenny speaks with author Ned Palmer, cheesemakers Todd and Maugan Trethowan of Trethowan Brothers and Rachel Yarrow of Norton and Yarrow and Scottish cheesemonger Rory Mellis, of I.J. Mellis
Les Fromages de France
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, fathoms the famed fabulous flavours of French cheese with Comte dairy farmer, Marie Roy, President of the Fruitière of Lavigny, Jon Thrupp of Mons Cheesemonger UK and cheese expert Patrick McGuigan
Stars, Stripes & Cheese
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, investigates the wonderful world of cheese in America, joined by Jason Hinds of Neal’s Yard Dairy, Kate Arding of Talbott & Arding, Emilio Mignucci of Di Bruno Brothers, Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm.
A Grand Cheese Odyssey
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, takes us on a sumptuous world tour of cheese and cookery, dropping in on China, the Middle East, Scandinavia and the Swiss Alps. Jenny speaks with chef Andrew Wong of A. Wong, food anthropologist Mukta Das, Rachael Sills, founder of KaseSwiss, chef Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co and Bronte Aurell of Scandinavian Kitchen
My Big Fat Greek Cheese
Jenny Linford goes Mediterranean and talks about Feta and Halloumi with Panos Manuelides, of Greek food importers Odysea, and Anthony Heard of Kupros Dairy
In the Raw
Jenny Linford, queen of cheese writing, explores the power and the glory of raw milk in the making of cheese with Bronwen Percival, cheese buyer for Neal’s Yard Dairy and raw milk cheesemakers Joe Schneider of Stichelton Dairy and Martin Gott, maker of St James
Kids' Stuff!
Jenny Linford, queen of cheese writing, talks about the joy of goat's cheese with cheesemaker Charlie Westhead of Neal’s Yard Creamery, cheesemonger Andy Swinscoe of The Courtyard Dairy, Jon Thrupp of Mons Cheesemonger UK, French cheese importer and wholesaler
Mad about Mozzarella
Jenny Linford talks to those who work their magic on milk to make mozzarella with food writer Domenica Marchetti, YouTuber Katie Quinn, Simona di Vietri of La Latteria
Women of the Cheese World
Jenny Linford, queen of cheese writing, talks to some of her fellow pioneering women figures in the tight-knit world of cheese: Mary Quicke of Quicke’s Cheese, Sarah Appleby of Appleby’s Cheshire, Tracey Colley of Academy of Cheese, Hero Hirsh of Paxton & Whitfield
Paneer Perfect
Jenny Linford, cheese expert, finds out about India's most loved cheese with food writer Roopa Gulati, restaurateur Ravinder Bhogal and Times of India food critic Marryam Reshi
Cheese: a Love Match
Jenny Linford, cheese queen, talks about cheese pairing - what to eat and what to drink with cheese - with a rich medley of guests: Sam Wilkin, Academy of Cheese; Wendy Wilson Bett, co founder, Peter's Yard, Guy Tullberg of Tracklements, Fiona Beckett, wine writer, The Guardian and Hattie Ellis, author of Spoonfuls of Honey
Bring on the Brie!
Jenny Linford, talks brie with cheese-meisters Patrick McGuigan, Patricia Michelson of La Fromagerie and Jonny Crickmore of Baron Bigod
Parmesan, how grate is that!
Jenny Linford, cheese queen, ponders Parmesan, the King of Cheeses, and speaks to some top parmesan pundits: Parmigiano Reggiano maturer Giorgio Cravero, of G. Cravero, Philip Contini of Valvona & Crolla and Rome-based food writer Rachel Roddy
A Chunk of Cheddar
Join Jenny Linford, as she tells the story of the UK's most loved cheese, now one of the world's most popular, and hear from three top British cheddar makers: Jason Hinds of Neal’s Yard Dairy, Cheddar makers: Jamie Montgomery, Mary Quicke and Giles Barber, cheese restaurateur Matthew Carver
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