A Bit of a Mouthful – with MOB – the podcast from internet sensations Michael (COO @mobkitchen), Sophie (Food @mobkitchen) and Willy (@whatwillycook), brings you delicious food hacks you’ll actually use, all served up on a bed of fresh, nutritious comedy…. and cabbage. Series 1 Produced by FoodFM.


A Bit of a Mouthful

Series 1 Finale: Freedom Day
The last episode of series 1 coincides with Covid “Freedom Day” so the guys waste no time in touring their favourite places to eat. Sophie serves up delicious mussels pinchos. Michael has found a new Indian restaurant that could rival Dishoom. And for the season finale Will pairs a fine wine with pork scratchings. Of course he does.
Skewers, Snacks & bahn mi Sandwich
Sophie remembers her freaky aubergine roast dinner, Will talks snack and beer pairing, Michael does Flesh ‘n Buns and why do onions make you cry?
Holidays, Hollywood and a Hippy
The gang have to quarantine following Michael’s Portuguese holiday – so it’s the ABOAM outdoor Summertime Special. Sophie cooks up a Balinese BBQ, Will asks the hippy with a leaf blower in the neighbour’s garden to STFU, it’s the world’s first Snog Marry Avoid food version and we discover that one of the team has a secret Hollywood past.
Goat, Pringles, sausage ‘n Speedos
Sophie cooks up curried goat and slaw for the guys, Michael worries about his speedos, Will cracks open the Doner Kebab Pringles, and no-one can agree on BBQ sausages…
Dinner disasters, Buckfast ‘n crisps and a celebrity wet-ass cookie
Will combos Buckfast with spicy West Indies crisps, Sophie has a killer collection of family dinner disasters, Michael’s makes a wrap-of-the day confession and our first celebrity guest bakes an insanely delicious wet ass cookie…
Haggis, hearts and heartbreak…
Will’s chicken fajitas with a difference…Michael finds breaking up is hard to do…, Sophie cooks up a delicious haggis and cheese sourdough toastie…and what is your Dad’s speciality dish?
Mexican Elotes. Polish crisps. Janky toastie makers.
The boys reckon Sophie’s Mexican street food is the best show and tell and smell ever… Will pairs crisps from the Polish deli with dark rum, Michael calls out bad dishwasher etiquette and who the hell cleans a toastie maker with a dustpan and brush?
Beans, steaks and chocolate caterpillars!
Michael invents his own BBQ bean sauce, Sophie advises a listener whose housemate cooks 20 steaks at a time and Will struggles with extra spicy Indian street food. All that and a guest appearance from Colin the Caterpillar.
Danish, Doritos, and a Dead Mouse
The team gives MSG a massive thumbs up, Sophie creates unbelievably delicious Danish sandwiches for the guys, and Michael remembers a dead mouse horror story. Meanwhile, Will goes on a Jagermeister fishing trip… but catches a chicken.
Sounds, Spoons, Crunching or Melting?
In this episode we discuss the best sound in cooking, Will gets excited about Wetherspoons breakfasts, Sophie’s not sure if she is a “cruncher” or a “melter” and Michael’s fingers go bright orange after a Giant Wotsits session...
Dips, Toast, Portions & Wine
Michael calls out rip-off portion sizes, Sophie has a nightmare airplane meal, and everyone agrees that Will has created the best ever toast topping…
The Pilot
Sophie introduces Will and Michael to Pinchos snacking, the jury's out on the etiquette of slow-cookers in shared houses… and the boys get propositioned by some over-imaginative fans.
Something to whet your appetites, here's a sneak preview of the new A Bit of a Mouthful podcast. With @michaeluksladden, @sophiewyburd @whatwillycook. Prod by FoodFM.
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